2021 Newsletter & Annual Appeal

2021 Newsletter & Annual Appeal


Breaking Barriers Through Perseverance

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How did you develop perseverance? Did someone take the time to listen, understand, and problem solve with you, enabling growth and learning through mistakes? At the Learning Web, we foster perseverance so that youth can overcome the setbacks that life will surely throw at them on the way to achieving their goals.

The Learning Web staff help overcome challenges and inspire youth to pursue their goals. We develop the strengths that each individual possesses and create learning experiences tailored to their unique needs and ambitions. This year the Youth Exploration Program assisted school age youth with the perseverance to explore career interests both in person and virtually, additionally engaging them in our Volunteer Community Service Program. The Life Skills Program focused on the strengths of youth and young adults, supporting them on their journey to adulthood. The Youth Outreach Program continued to build a foundation of stability for dozens of unhoused youth to achieve independence and thrive in our community. The Learning Web motto: Learning by doing…youth becoming adults – exemplifies the need for youth to interact with their community to adapt and learn. Success is often shaped from overcoming obstacles and gaining the confidence to take on new challenges. We celebrate youth when they experience success and remain committed to youth through life’s ups and downs to help guide them along their journey.

Since 1972 we have created an interconnected web of mentors, community partners, and supporters like you. We have helped thousands of young people explore their career interests, achieve independence, and realize their dreams. We look to play a part in a thousand more success stories. Please consider supporting the perseverance that our youth and staff show up with every day.


Rick Alvord