This apprentice-mentor pair is consulting about soldering technique at Cornell’s Wilson Laboratory.

Become an apprentice, and spend time learning from a skilled mentor, getting hands-on training and experience in anything you’d like to explore. Your Learning Web Coordinator finds an expert or professional for you to work with. It’s free—you don’t have to pay to become an apprentice. You help with your mentor’s work in exchange for the time and energy your mentor spends teaching you about their work.

Through this program, you can explore your interests, gain new skills, and contribute to our community. You will receive one-to-one guidance of adult mentors. Most apprenticeships take place after school or on weekends and are usually 1-6 hours per week and can range from 2 months to 2 years, although it differs depending on the student and mentor.  Check out the list of possible interest areas that you can explore here!

Apprentices have worked in fields ranging from banking and carpentry to music production and chemistry—we make every attempt to connect you with a mentor in your interest area. Some other topics include small engine repair, sailing, electrical engineering, equine research, retail sales, restaurant management, law enforcement, legal assisting, website design, and robotic design. See a listing of apprenticeship areas that apprentices have explored in the past. You are not limited to this list. We encourage you to choose an interest that you especially want to explore.

Tyler hones his metal –working skills at Durand’s forgeThis program is for high school age Tompkins County youth who are living with a parent or guardian.

If you are interested in participating in this program, call us at 607-275-0122 or email us.

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