Apprenticeships: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much time does an apprenticeship take and can I go whenever I want?
    An apprenticeship usually takes between 2 and 8 hours per week. You and your mentor agree on how much time you both want to spend each week and how long you both want to be involved. After school or weekends are popular times to work at an apprenticeship site.  Your Learning Web Coordinator will help you and your mentor agree on your schedule.
  2. How long does an apprenticeship last?
    It can last from 2 months to 2 years or more. You and your mentor decide how long you’d like to apprentice and Your Learning Web Coordinator will help you and your mentor agree on a time frame.
  3. Can I do an apprenticeship and participate in a school sport?
    This depends on how often your team meets for practices and games. Generally is is difficult to do both because you need to commit to a regular schedule when doing an apprenticeship. Your Learning Web Coordinator can help you figure out if you can combine both. If not, you can always do an apprenticeship after your sports season has ended. We offer apprenticeships all year around!
  4. What can I do at my apprenticeship?
    An apprenticeship isn’t just sitting and watching. Your mentor will teach you skills so that you can help with real work. Sometimes, depending on your age and the type of work you are exploring, there may be labor laws that prevent you from doing some tasks. Your Learning Web Coordinator will help you and your mentor decide what work you will do.
  5. Can I do an apprenticeship with a friend?
    For apprenticeships, we cannot include friends. An apprenticeship is just for you—we want to match your interests and make your experience special. If your friend would like to do his/her own apprenticeship, we can set that up also.
  6. How do I get to my apprenticeship site?
    You will have to arrange transportation to and from your apprenticeship. Your Learning Web Coordinator will help you check to see if there is bus service to your site or work with you to find other options. The Coordinator will provide transportation to your first meeting with a possible mentor. Once you begin the apprenticeship, you’ll need to arrange for transportation. If transportation is a problem, it is important to let the Coordinator know so that an apprenticeship could be sought closer to home, though we cannot guarantee that this would be possible.
  7. Can I start an apprenticeship anytime?
    Yes, our services are year around and not tied to the school cycle.
  8. Can I get out of school to go to my apprenticeship?
    No, apprenticeships must be scheduled for out of school hours.
  9. Who is the person who will be my mentor?
    You will be match with a volunteer adult mentor who is a professional in your area of interest. Volunteer mentors are recruited carefully. Every mentor must complete a Mentor Application and supply references that are checked by staff. Learning Web staff are expected to orient and support mentors, and monitor sites regularly. Mentors receive individual training and support on topics including how to offer constructive feedback, problem-solving, appropriate expectations and boundaries.
  10. Where do I do my apprenticeship?
     The majority of apprentices work with mentors at the mentor’s business. Exceptions might be for more “hobby” type matches where the pair work at the mentor’s home. In these cases, we ask that parents meet with prospective mentors beforehand to make sure the situation feels comfortable. We welcome and encourage parents to introduce themselves to mentors and to stop in to say hello when they drop off or pick you up from your apprenticeship.
  11. What if my parent/caregiver or I have questions about my mentor or the apprenticeship?
    We encourage you and your parents to contact your Learning Web Coordinator with any questions or issues you have. This is your experience and we want to make it fun, interesting, and safe. When you first meet with your Coordinators, s/he will give you their contact information or you can always call our office at 607-275-0122 or email us if you have questions.
  12. How do I sign up?
    Give us a call at 275-0122 or email us. A Learning Web Coordinator will contact you to set up a time to meet and talk about what you are interested in checking out.