Learning Web Programs

 Find out about options ranging from veterinarians, pet daycare, vet techs, groomers, and more by visiting professionals in these areas.

Adolescents and young adults participating in The Learning Web can learn about professions in different areas of interest!

The Learning Web’s vision is for all adolescents to make the transition to adulthood successfully. We believe that, to make this transition, they need to finish high school, develop a productive career path leading to gainful employment and self-sufficiency, and contribute in a healthy and positive way to better our community. Our programs are designed to help young people achieve these objectives.


Youth Exploration Program (YEP) Services: services available to ALL middle school and high school age Tompkins County youth who are living with a parent or guardian, Youth Exploration Program activities provide a gateway to all Learning Web services. Broadening youths’ expectations about options in jobs and life through exploring interests and potential career fields. Tailored to each young person’s interests, Youth Exploration Program services include career exploration tours, apprenticeships, and community service. If young people need services beyond exploration and apprenticeship, YEP staff can help them access our Life Skills or Youth Outreach services.   Learn more about the Youth Exploration Program!


Learning to cook is just one of the skills young people learn through Life Skills and Youth Outreach activities.

Life Skills Services: more intensive services focusing on prevention, supporting youth (including pregnant andparenting youth) to overcome challenges they face so that they can achieve self-sufficiency.  Providing life-skills and intensive case management for youth still living with a parent or guardian, but who share risk profiles similar to those of homeless youth and those youth currently residing in family foster care.   The services provide support to continue one’s education, career preparation and job search services, homekeeping skill-building, recreation programming, transportation and family support. We help youth identify needed services for areas such as childcare, health care, public benefits and legal assistance, often accompanying and advocating for the young person.   Learn more about Life Skills!



Youth Outreach Program (YO) Services: The Youth Outreach Program offers our most intensive services, including supported housing for homeless young people.   Youth Outreach assists homeless and transient high School age and young adults ages 16- 24 (including pregnant and parenting youth) to move from a state of dependence to self-sufficiency. YO provides intervention activities, focusing on the underlying factors that prevent county homeless youth from being self-sufficient. Using the vehicles of housing, employment, education, parenting, home keeping, managing finances, and virtually all of the components of independent living, we assist young people in moving from instability to stability. Combining experiential learning, case management, life skills training and a supported housing program, youth gain the skills to live successful and economically self-sufficient adult lives.  Learn more about Youth Outreach!