Services for High Schoolers

Exploration Tours

High school kids can explore a hobby, an interest, or a potential career field by joining us on a tour of a local business or organization. These one-time, one-hour visits usually entail a tour of the facility, a presentation from one or more professionals that work at the site, and an opportunity to ask questions. We have had tours of a veterinarian’s office, a bakery, a biotechnology lab, and a photographer’s studio. Contact us with your tour ideas!

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Kids interested in exploring a specific interest in a more in-depth way can do so through an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships provide hands-on training and experience in a specific field. The apprentices spend time shadowing, helping, and learning from skilled mentors.  Most apprenticeships take place after school or on weekends. They are usually 1-6 hours per week and can range from 2 months to 2 years, although it differs depending on the student and mentor. Learning Web apprentices have worked in fields ranging from banking and carpentry to music production and chemistry. We make every attempt to connect apprentices with mentors in their interest area.

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Services through the Youth Outreach Program

The Learning Web offers, through the Youth Outreach Program, services for high School age and young adults age 16- 24 who find themselves without stable housing.  Youth Outreach helps with finding housing and jobs, completing school, parenting, keeping a home, managing finances, and virtually all of the components of independent living.  Learn more about Youth Outreach’s services.