Services for High School Graduates

Services through the Life Skills Program

Help with employment or continuing your education can help you get ahead.

Life Skills services are available to high school age youth who are still living at home or in stable housing but who are facing issues around addiction, education, employment, social/emotional barriers, lack of sufficient income, pregnancy or parenting a child themselves.

Offering intensive case management; independent living skills development; education support; career development; employment training; financial literacy; and for those pregnant or parenting youth—parenting support & skill workshops, Life Skills staff assess a youth’s skills and design a goal plan with the youth that is used as a blueprint for their work together.  Learn more about Life Skill’s services

Services through the Youth Outreach Program

The Learning Web offers, through the Youth Outreach Program, services for high School age and young adults age 16- 24 who find themselves without stable housing.  Youth Outreach helps with finding housing and jobs, completing school, parenting, keeping a home, managing finances, and virtually all of the components of independent living.  Learn more about Youth Outreach’s services.

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