Services for High School Graduates

Services through the Youth Outreach Program

The Learning Web offers, through the Youth Outreach Program, services for high School age and young adults age 16- 24 who find themselves without stable housing.  Youth Outreach helps with finding housing and jobs, completing school, parenting, keeping a home, managing finances, and virtually all of the components of independent living

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Supported Employment Services offered through Youth Outreach

Our Supported Employment Program provides services to participants in our Youth Outreach Program (who have no housing or unstable housing) who are either under-employed (not getting enough hours etc) or do not have a job. We help youth put together strong resumes, complete their job applications, hone their interview skills, and get leads on job openings. If transportation or childcare prevents youth from getting or keeping a job, we help to find solutions to those problems. We also offer continued coaching and support to help youth maintain their jobs and begin their career paths.

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