Youth Exploration Program

Explore engineering and applied science through a visit to a innovative world-class engineering company.

If you are fascinated by cars, particle physics, fashion design, animal care, or almost any other interest, the Youth Exploration Program can help you get a firsthand look at whatever your interest. Middle and high school age youth explore their interests through:

Exploration Tours –  a great way to check out a few different interests and get a “taste” of a hobby, interest, or potential career field through visits to work places throughout our community.  Learn more about exploration tours.

Apprenticeships – offers a more in-depth experience in your interest area. You do”real” work in the “real” world and get practical experience with a supportive adult mentor who is an expert in your interest area.   Apprenticeships can give you valuable work experience and can help you see if you would like to pursue the field in the future. Find out more about apprenticeships.

Volunteer Community Service –  brings middle schoolers together to make a difference in their community.  Join a small group of middle school youth to learn more about your community and have fun doing it.  Service groups help out organizations dedicated to helping animals, the environment, children, and more.  The service groups plan and carry out fundraisers benefiting a cause that the group would like to help. Volunteer Service Program details here.