Youth Outreach Services

Youth Outreach staff can help you figure out how to solve the problems you are facing trying to live on your own.

Housing: we can help you look for housing, apply for Section 8 vouchers or public assistance, or get into the emergency shelter. If you are being evicted from your housing, staff can help you talk to your landlord to see if there is a way to avoid eviction. Or, if you would like help solving issues with your parents or with parents or with friends with whom you might be able to live, Youth Outreach staff can help you find a workable solution.

If you do not have a safe place to live, Youth Outreach staff can help you get on the Tompkins Community Homeless Housing Wait List.  Our county has a number of housing options for young people who do not have a safe place to live.  For example, The Learning Web has our Housing Scholarship Program that provides transitional supported hosuing for young people ages 16-24.  Find out more about the Housing Scholarship Program.  Amici House also provides permananet supported housing for young adults age 18-25.  Amici House is operated by Tompkins Community Action.  To access any of the homeless housing options, you must complete the Coordinated Entry Process.  Youth Outreach staff can help you complete the necessary forms.

Jobs—through our employment services, staff will help you:

  • find job openings
  • get ready to apply for a job (filling out applications, creating a resume, and practicing interviewing)
  • solve issues like transportation, childcare, or even getting clothes for work at our on-site clothing closet, Good Threads
  • offer paid apprenticeships where you can brush up on your work skills and develop a good reference

    Apprenticeships provide great experience that can be used to on a resume or job application.

Learn more about apprenticeships.

Bottom Line: we can help you look at the big picture—helping to create a career plan and helping you get the resources to reach those career goals. Job site exploration visits, college tours, and resume workshops are a few of the services that are offered.

Education: if you are in school and need help with classwork, getting to school, or with other school issues, the Youth Outreach staff can help you. Education is key to getting a good job and moving into a career path job. Staff can set up tutoring for you, go with you to speak to teachers or school staff, and can help with school supplies. If you want to re-enter school, we can help you with that process, including dealing with financial issues.


Apprenticeships are available in a wide range of career fields.


Everything involved in living on your own: Youth Outreach staff can help you develop important life skills—making your money stretch to cover your bills, getting enough food and personal supplies, knowing how to cook and do laundry, plus all the rest of what it takes to live on your own.





Parenting: are you a parent? Do you need help and support to become a better parent? The staff at Youth Outreach can help you strengthen your skills at raising your child and can help you get the things you need for your child. We provide childcare equipment, parenting supplies, and parent self-care resources. If your family is involved with the Department of Social Services, our staff can help support and advocate for you and your child.



Drop-In Center: a safe place to relax, get food, supplies, clothing, and to get support. Our office has a comfortable drop-in area that

Drop-In Center Mural

Drop-In Center mural inspired by, and depicts youth in our housing scholarship program.

includes a computer lab, phones, a children’s play area, and a large seating area where you can get warm in the winter or cool in the summer. Our clothing closet, called Good Threads has no cost or very low-cost fashionable clothing that helps you dress for school, work, or when you are looking for work.

At Youth Outreach, staff are always available to help with an issue or talk about what is on your mind.




Our Drop-In Center has the Good Threads closet where you can get free or very low price clothing!